MERMAID in NYC 2018 video

The duration of the performance: 30 min

It is a solo.

Mermaid is a Butoh dance performance.

It’s a mermaid woman, or a lost prostitute, or a drug addict, or all three at once …

She wanders, falls, runs away, dances … in her bubble … disconnected from the city, this capitalist and “civilised” world.

However, she is advancing in our world with this nostalgia for the waves, for the depths of the ocean.

This performance is a poetic and political act that aims to highlight our strength and inner fragility, in favor of a certain poetic, magical, social, organic and esoteric power.

Finally, the performance of Mermaid, is there to reveal, with poetry, enchantment … our beautiful vulnerability facing our enigmatic civilized world which overhangs us … Maybe, she is a Mermaid from space, from the moon… or maybe…much much much further…